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New Rockhopper arrival and 2000 hits!

Rockhopper has returned! Yarr is missing, however, along with some other puffles. I noticed that the yellow puffle is in the hole of the now being uncovered caves! Maybe yarr is there 😉
(future pic XD)
Rockhopper brought some new items and brought back the rare admirals hat (GAH! another one of my rare items D:)

and plus- we let our 2000th hit slip by! We’ll have a party soon- possibly give away a code of some sort 😉


New Series 7 Treasure Book!

Yoshi Yoshi, I havent posted on for a looong time now. Sorry Yoshi :mrgreen:

Anyways, the Series 7 Treasure Book is here! We’ve all been waiting for it…Click Here to View it!

The Series 7 Treasure Book cheats will be up soon.

Club Penguin Orange Puffle- now out!

That’s right. The awsomest puffle ever is out!

They race around on giant wagons, play in boxes, eat the bowl first then the food XD, and theyre very very heavy sleepers.You get a pillow and drool, the whole shabang 😛

I love this new puffle!

CP Penguin Times- Orange Puffle invasion!

Woot! It looks like the new Puffle will come out later today/ early tomorrow!Photobucket

The news is that these puffles are not shy at all, they are spontaneous, playful, and love to EAT! They will go up for sale tomorrow, but CP is updating early now. We currently know they hula-hoop, and have these rocket powered wagon things. Apparently, they are from the box dimension… :mrgreen:

-more cave news on march 9- I hope that rory figures out how to make a column soon 😉

Everyones favorite pirate, rockhopper will be pulling in next week too!

Expect a orange puffle post tomorrow 😉

ORANGE Puffle- SPOTTED! + New Play + New Puffle Furniture

First off, new play. Very awesome. You ned the gold feather pin (see black yoshi’s post) and it creates a bridge to a secret background 😉

Second of all, there is new puffle furniture out 🙂 There are many returning items, but these 2 are new:Photobucket
My puffles really enjoy these, and the washers very fun to watch 😉

Last off, I’m making some predictions. Check out this orange puffle (with the cutest smile ever). It seems to have lightning powers!Photobucket
It also seems to be quite the joker:Photobucket
I have a feeling he’ll be here for the party 🙂

– Yoshisrock

New Club Penguin Pin – Feather Pin

Hello penguins, Blackyoshi here :mrgreen:

The new Club Penguin Pin has arrived! Its the Feather Pin. And it’s located in the Beacon.


-Bye for now